​Precious Oils Up On the Hill


Precious Oils Up On The Hill® is the not-for-profit ministry of Apothecary Cynthia Hillson. She brings the fragrances of the Bible together by combining fragrances and words in mini-teachings, books and workshops. We believe that the Bible references to botanicals is enhanced when you smell the corresponding fragrance to gain deeper meaning as well as "remembrance" of the  Scriptural  story.

Mission Statement of Apothecary Mama Cynthia

To teach the plants of the Bible through Scripture, history, ancient secrets and uses (including folklore and legends), Hebrew and Jewish understanding of the manners and customs of the Bible. Apothecary Mama Cynthia’s mission includes sharing her love of plants, especially from Israel, that you can experience with her Aroma tours to Israel. Cynthia is passionate with her “show and smell” workshops and teachings that include herbal remedies, teas and tinctures and the modern uses of essential oils using safe and ethical aromatherapy practices.