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The Fragrant Bride of Yeshua is a Watchman, An Intercessor and a Refined Woman
Precious Oils is the ministry of Apothecary Cynthia Hillson and was established May 1, 1991

  Beauty for Ashes ~ Oil for Joy  ~ Comfort to Zion

Precious Oils Products and Teachings
Apothecary Cynthia Hillson's
Precious Oils Up On The Hill® Books and Teachings
All Precious Oils Up On the Hill's books and teachings include vials of essential oil blends that correspond to the Biblical Teaching. We like to call it a "show and smell" teaching ministry where you read in Scripture about a certain fragrance and you have the fragrance to gain a new persective of it.

Precious Oils ~ A Study of the Fragrances
of the Bible

The Precious Plants of the Bible:
Ancient Secrets ~ Modern Uses

Ketoret ~ The Holy Incense of the Tabernacle in the Wilderness

Precious Oils Care Kit (currently being expanded)

The Leaf and A Handful of Leaves

Esther's Days of Purification

Book will be available mid 2016
Precious Oils Up On The Hill® brings the fragrances of the Bible together by combining fragrances and words in mini-teachings, books and workshops. We believe that the Bible references to botanicals is enhanced when you smell the corresponding fragrance.
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Precious Oils Up On The Hill®

Exploring the Precious Oils of the Bible through Scripture, Books, Workshops and Tours to the Holy land.


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