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The Fragrant Bride of Yeshua is a Watchman, An Intercessor and a Refined Woman
Precious Oils is the ministry of Apothecary Cynthia Hillson and was established May 1, 1991

  Beauty for Ashes ~ Oil for Joy  ~ Comfort to Zion

Shemen Tova ~ Good Oil

Coming Soon in 2014
Shemen TovaTM
Shemen Tova is Hebrew for Good and Pleasant Oils.


Cynthia is available to speak to your group or conference on Biblical fragrances. She loves to teach hands-on workshops, highlighting the basics of using essential oils for health and pleasure. With more than a 1000 references to plants, botanicals and oils in the Bible, Cynthia's approach brings her knowledge of over 20 years of using and blending essentials oils to your group with zeal,  passion,  Scripture and historical insight to the plants of the Bible.  You will be encouraged with practical advise and spiritual examples how fragrances have been a part of life since the Garden of Eden in Cynthia's  "show and smell" ministry. 
Please E-mail her at for more information and to schedule Cynthia for your Women's retreat, Conference or Ladies meetings.  Cynthia travels yearly to Israel and the Middle East and would be delighted bring her workshops to your area of the world. 


  The Fragrant Bride is  a Watchman, an Intercessor and a Refined Woman.

The Fragrant Bride is a reflection of her Bridegroom, Yeshua (Jesus). She lives to be a witness to the world with loving-kindness shown through her words and deeds. The fragrance of the Bride is encouragement, her life is an alabaster box, a vessel poured out to a lost and dying world.  She brings hope to the hopeless, compassion to the hurting,  food to the hungry, a smiling face to those who are sad, freedom to those who are bound and healing to the broken-hearted.

Cynthia is available to speak to your group how your life can be a sweet aroma of love, comfort and friendship to Israel. Her Ruth and Naomi ~ Covenant Love in Action message continues to open the hearts of many why they should love Israel.In September 2007 Cynthia spoke how one should love Israel at a conference in Florida. A blogger made this comment "However, one speaker, Cynthia Hillson, during the September 14th in a message, gave a wonderful explanation of God’s command to the Gentile to love the Jew. I have come to understand that analogies are an incredible teaching tool that God uses to cement a concept. Usually if I am following the “Whom Then Shall I Fear” pattern, He will send me an analogy to help me understand the “why” of that particular concept. That makes it easier for others to learn from it as well."

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