​Precious Oils Up On the Hill

I'm excited and am designing a tour to Israel where you will be able to walk the land, touch the soil, plant trees, and meet many who are growing plants for health and happiness as well as learn from masterful and extraordinary people who love plants and will share how they use them in their lives and in their businesses.

Exact dates in March 2023 will be posted soon and can be found at  https://thefragrantbotanicaltour.com

Questions? e-mail me at ApothecaryMamaCynthia@gmail.com

I'll be blogging about the tour so be sure to sign up to learn more about where we will be visiting, who you will meet, travel tips, historical insight, and prophetic vision fulfilled by you joining me. 

I've also set-up a Facebook page that currently is public. Fragrant Botanical Tour to Israel

I also have a few surprises and am awaiting confirmation on additional friends that I want you to meet. And, did I tell you we are going to have fun blessing Israel and greening the desert to fulfill the prophecy that Isaiah wrote about?

In my heart, I believe that there is a hand-picked, fragrant bouquet of Believers who have been chosen from the beginning of time for the Fragrant Botanical Tour to Israel. (Ephesians 1:4) Those who dance, sing, wave banners, and flags, and are prayer warriors are welcome to bring their gifts and talents.

More info to be posted!


Apothecary Mama Cynthia