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The Fragrant Bride of Yeshua is a Watchman, An Intercessor and a Refined Woman
Precious Oils is the ministry of Apothecary Cynthia Hillson and was established May 1, 1991

  Beauty for Ashes ~ Oil for Joy  ~ Comfort to Zion

Who is Precious Oils?

My intention for  Precious Oils Up On the Hill (web site, products and writings) as well as creating perfumes and fragrant essential oil blends to teach you Biblical fragrances is rooted deeply in my love of flowers, herbs, spices and resins found within the Word of God and His creation. As you explore my ministry, I pray that you will find the oil of gladness.

My journey of the fragrant world has been my passion for over 30 years when I had a garden and was growing my own herbs. In the summer of 1989, having four young children at that time, I went to the local florist every Monday. She gave me all the flowers destined to the trash. I dried and experimented with them, made potpourris by adding herbs and flowers growing in my yard. My kitchen and porch always smelled “so good”.  This progression led me to sell the potpourri and other flower and spice crafts at the flea market. It was during this season that the wonderful world of pure essential oils became a part of my life. Little did I realize that I would "find my niche" in one of the most pleasurable and beneficial elements on this planet. My ardent love of using essential oils has me sharing them with others to help them achieve a fuller life and take a few moments to "stop and smell the roses."

While this writing is not about essential oils, it is a passion with me. I have found essential oil therapy "a must" to assist one in healing their aches and pains in the their physical body as well as bringing an emotional balance to the ever-so-busy and hectic lifestyles that we all live. The medical community, schools, hospitals and the corporate world continue to add pure essential oil therapy in their research and are recommending it for their people, and of course, the results are noteworthy and often astounding.

Essential oils are the garden, forest, mountains and the fields in a bottle. It is an experience with the Creator. In this study you will find that I have divided the botanicals in categories as one would use in blending fragrances.  The botanical package you received with this study  contains one sample of each category, with the exception of resins where we have included both frankincense and myrrh.

Today, with our stress filled lifestyles, we are nature deficit and rely on some pretty unhealthy synthetic fragrances to dominate our daily lives.  Our need, both physically and emotionally, can be found within the sanctuary of the garden, or at least with the “garden in the bottle”. Incorporating essential oil therapy is a simple and effective way to bring nature to you within your own personal space and lifestyle.

When I began my exploration of learning the basics of pure botanicals and essential oils and the vast difference of the real and synthetic I became an advocate sharing with others the need for the “natural” in their lives. There’s a deeper physical reason why we need to consider using natural fragrances for our health. I encourage you to do a little study on the harmful effects that synthetic fragrances are to our bodies, especially long-term illnesses.

Blending the oils for personal and therapeutic use for my family and friends grew since the days of making potpourri. In May 1991, I started my ministry Precious Oils Up On the Hill. (Psalm 133)   I actually had quite the interesting initiation to making anointing oils when the Holy Spirit took me out in the spirit for three days giving precise instructions on what He was calling me to do; “To anoint the nations” and “prepare the Bride”.

 What a journey I’ve been on the last 20+ years with Precious Oils. Thousands of little vials of Precious Oils Anointing Oils are distributed yearly, shipped around the world. Numerous testimonies of healings and awesome times of worship have been reported throughout the years.

I am glad that you’ve purchased this book, I appreciate your desire to learn and grow with this ministry. Precious Oils is helping the Bride of Yehsua in her preparation to meet the King of Glory. She is to be a sweet fragrance of life to all she meets.  It is in the fragrances of the Bible that you find the symbolic character of the Bride of Yeshua ~ after all she is the reflection of her Bridegroom.

No, may I take a few moments to share with you part of the passion behind this Precious Oils Fragrant Study and my ministry.

I honestly don't believe that you can gain the total experience and benefit of something by reading about it or seeing a picture. Sure, you can get the idea, but until you experience it for yourself, you only have part and not the whole.

Example, you've just seen an advertisement for an apple pie. The caption reads "Treat your family with a home-baked apple pie this evening. Neighbor's Apple Pie is brim full of thinly sliced mountain apples, baked with perfection in our own flaky crust. Sweetened naturally with apple juice and spiced with cinnamon from Madagascar, your family will ask for seconds. Look for it in your freezer case." 



Good description as the picture shows the thinly sliced apples and a picture of a mountain range in the background with apple trees. There is a freshly baked pie, fork and colorful napkin, on a terrace table with a red-checkered tablecloth inviting you to sit down and eat. But what if you had never tasted or smelled apples with cinnamon? Ah . . .  now I got you.  

One of my goals is to introduce you to another dimension of the Bible through your sense of smell. As you read this study, take note that I love to look at The Word of God with the layer effect that God's place in it: literal, historical, prophetic and symbolic (including metaphorically and pictorially as found in the Hebrew language.) It's part of the treasure worth digging for. 

My continued research of biblical herbs, spices, and other flora found today in Israel and the middle east is expanding us.  If you ever travel with me to Israel, we can experience and indulge our love together. 

I pray that you find some of the “gems” I’ve printed in this study for you to share with your women’s group, congregation or just among like-minded friends and family. There is soooooo much more that I will be adding to The Fragrant Bride series as time and the Lord allows.

Please feel free to e-mail me with any comments or  questions. Also, please note that a portion of all sales goes to help families in Israel. I encourage you to visit our websites for more information. 

Fragrantly Yours,

Cynthia Hillson

















































































Updated 17 January 2008





Precious Oils Esther's Days of Purification Book and Workshop is where you can explore the twelve month of preparation with the six months of myrrh and six months of sweet spices.  The hands-on workshop of the ancient uses and modern uses of myrrh and other Biblical essential oils is included.


Why is the six months of myrrh, and the six months of spices important?



The book of Esther is in type the prepared Bride of Yeshua (Jesus). Problem is she is not prepared nor has she made herself ready for the King of Kings.  I've assembled a twelve month study that uses Esther's Days of Preparation (Purification) as it basis. From my research no one has every written such a study. Using the ancient secrets of myrrh, and other biblical spices, we will learn modern uses that will help us understand why the Lord choose the botanicals to begin the process of purification. There are modern day scientific findings and health benefits with the elements. I've added symbolic meanings, ancient uses and the Hebrew pictorial alphabet that will expound on the process. I'm using related Scriptures from the Torah and Bible and have gleaned much information from Jewish customs.



 Each person attending the conference will receive a small bottle of myrrh essential oil and myrrh resin. The Purim Party can be attended without coming to the conference.  Men are welcome to both, but may feel more comfortable just at the party.


 Why celebrate Purim?


 While Purim is not one of the  Feasts of the Lord (Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles), it is a time of feasting and rejoicing that all of Israel celebrates. It is a prophetic picture of the Prepared Bride. Celebrating Purim is Scriptural. (Esther 9:21)






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